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Mercedes Auto Repair League City TexasCedes Car Repair Services in League City Texas is the most requested Mercedes Auto Repair Center in the Clear Lake area. We specialize in the repair of new and late model Mercedes Benz automobiles. Some of our services include:

We are in the business of keeping your luxury Mercedes Benz running at optimal performance – so that you can drive away confident with your quality service. Our highly-trained Mercedes Benz technicians provide a range of preventive maintenance services – from oil changes to filter and belt replacements – all designed to help keep you and your Mercedes on the road and out of the repair shop.

At Cedes Car Repair you will receive more than an oil change, we offer  preventive maintenance to help keep your Mercedes Benz operating at its best. Our qualified Mercedes technicians always provide a thorough visual inspection of your Mercedes by, testing the air conditioning system and providing an A/C recharge when needed. Your Cedes qualified Mercedes technician will  remove and inspect your cars engine air filter and when necessary, we will install a new, clean engine air filter. Cedes also conduct swheel angle measurements against the tight tolerances specified by the Mercedes Benz manufacturer specifications, and we will give you the best recommendations based on the results of our findings.

Cedes Checks the brake system to make sure that your brakes bring your Mercedes to a stop a complet and safe stop. We remove old antifreeze from your radiator, and replace it with new antifreeze. We also remove the old differential fluid, and replace  it with new lubricating fluid. Cedes Car Repair offers battery diagnostics, terminal cleaning and replacement of parts that have become less than optimal. We also offer  light bulb replacement for your interior lights.

When  we change your oil our qualified Mercedes service  technicians will: Change the oil, replace the oil filter, check/fill vital fluids and more. We test the electronics of your Mercedes and offer analysis and recommendations for key vehicle sub-systems including engine, ignition, fuel and exhaust systems which may need to be serviced.

Cedes Car Repair service will inspect and  clean the fuel system and combustion chamber with multi-step cleaners if necessary. In addition, our qualified Mercedes Service technicians can expertly perform detailed vehicle inspections and/or emissions testing for your Mercedes; however we do not perform state inspections.  Cedes offers inspection and recommendations for suspension and steering systems, including shocks and struts, plus will change the position of the tires on your vehicle to insure they will wear more evenly. At Cedes Car Repair we perform a full range of tire services, from a free preliminary inspection to affordable tire replacement. And as a part of our transmission check, we will remove the old transmission fluid and replace it with new, clean fluid.Just in case we missed something; here are some common services provided at Cedes Car Repair

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