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Generation EQ Concept- Mercedes Benz Electric Car

Generation EQ Concept- Mercedes Benz Electric Car


The latest news from the Mercedes Benz camp is the new Generation EQ concept that made its debut in the Paris Auto Show that featured a host new electronic vehicles. Competing in the electric car realm is no surprise to any that have followed the forward thinking German engineered vehicles for any length of time. This new take on electric cars from Mercedes is the very first of its kind that utilizes battery/electric models while incorporating the all wheel drive features that Mercedes owners love.

EQ Concept Range

The Generation EQ concept build can cover 310 miles when fully charged and can reach speeds of 65 miles per hour in under 6 seconds. Taking on the form of some of the classic wagon models this 402 horse powered vehicle offers 516 pounds per foot of raw torque produced from two electrical motors located at the front and rear axels. These motors draw their power from strategically located batteries positioned between both axels.

EQ Concept Charge

Utilizing inductive callbox charging or traditional charging in the production versions and the ability for fast-charging the manufacturer says that drivers can expect 300 Kilowatts of  power that will give the driver 62 miles until the next fast-charge charge is necessary.

While the EQ concept is more of an SUV/Coupe/Crossover with shooting-brake design, you can count on the fact that Mercedes innovation will not be limited to this one look.  Always looking ahead, Mercedes is charting out plans that will cover all of their vehicle segments from compact models to the ultra-sleek luxury classes.

“The mobility of the future at Mercedes-Benz will stand on four pillars: Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric,” said Zetsche. “’Generation EQ’ is the logical fusion of all four pillars. The emission-free automobile is the future. And our new EQ brand goes far beyond electric vehicles. EQ stands for a comprehensive electric ecosystem of services, technologies and innovations.”

Generation EQ Concept- Mercedes Benz Electric CarAutoweek

In the same vein as the BMWi for electrics and hybrid autos, Mercedes is planning to bring to the table a more robust selection of models more rapidly than its competitor.

The EQ can be viewed as Mercedes’ version of BMW’s i subbrand for electrics and hybrids, but the Stuttgart-based auto maker plans to launch a greater variety of models in shorter succession — and a pricey i8-style halo car is not likely to be one of those models, at least not from the start. As the Generation EQ concept demonstrates, Mercedes views its future electric lineup as a logical addition to its current one, which is why the concept that made its debut in Paris does not significantly depart from the GLC-Class layout and size.

According to JD Power Car News on the EQ Concept we learned:

Not only will the EQ range offer “contemporary, sustainable mobility,” but models will feature innovative interiors with futuristic ergonomic seating and a dashboard that features electronic intelligence displayed on a blue-lit 24-in. touch screen instead of an instrument panel. Touch screens with swipe menus are even featured on the steering wheel. Speed and driving dynamics will be automatically adjusted with new electronic systems, which will lead the new EQ range’s data sensors eventually delivering autonomous driving capability and assisting in accident prevention, according to Mercedes.

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