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Grow Up: Mercedes Targets Millennials

Grow Up! And other Messages Aimed At Millennials

Got to love Mercedes-Benz, not only for their world class automobiles, but for the marketing message. We found a recent article about how the automotive industry is doing their part to support the village. In a recent round of Mercedes branded videos which targeted Millennials with the big message, “Grow Up,” take automotive marketing messages to a new level.

Essentially, this campaign of five unique videos has a series of emphatic messages aimed directly at the Millennial generation. Each of the videos encourages this up and coming generation to consider what it means to be an adult. The videos are typically 4-5 minutes long and full of scenes depicting the inevitable disappointments of life that all grown up encounter to one degree or another, showcasing Millennials going through difficult circumstances (usually in a Mercedes).

The first video is called “Get a Job”

The second video is called “Start a Family”

The third video is called “Spend Time with Family”

The fourth video is called “Be a Good Parent”

The fifth video is called “Settle Down”


In the PC world that we live in it might seem that the automotive giant is fudging around in territory that has been traditionally off limits. Frankly, it is about time these kinds of messages made it into the mainstream. You can bet that this will have an impact culturally as well as in the future of Mercedes Benz. In a way, these videos seem to be targeting the future and current buyers of the Mercedes products. By going after Millennials with a message of change, they are endearing themselves towards older generations who are Mercedes buyers, while giving insight to the current generation to help them grow up and become responsible Mercedes owners.

While it could be said that this is a clever marketing ploy, it certainly goes beyond marketing to deliver a timely and relevant message to an audience that desperately needs direction. So, thank you Mercedes. Great Job…again!

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